Section 1 Introduction and development of the company

Shenzhen METSTR Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to quickly transit the latest international medical research, the best evidence-based clinical, the best medical transformation projects to the hands of medical workers and medical students, assisting the rapid development of Chinese Medical Science and Technology.

Beijing Kangjian shixun Co., Ltd General Manager
Shenzhen METSTR Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager
Chinese Research Hospital Association executive director

In 2004, Li Yu, the General Manager of Shenzhen Kangjian Medtech (the predecessor of METSTR) signed the strategic cooperation agreement with Zhan Youxiang, the incumbent director of the Chinese Medical Library of the People's Liberation Army at that time, which opened a new mode of foreign medical information intelligence service. The initiatives successfully built the first "Western Literary Journal Database" (FMJS), which is hosted by the Chinese Ministry of Health and sponsored by the Chinese Medical Association and organized by Kangjian Medtech. It solved the long-standing problem that plagued medical workers in China to acquire urgent- need medical literature resources.

In 2004, General Manager Li Yu signed a strategic cooperation agreement professor Zhan

In 2005, with the principle of accelerating the speed of knowledge dissemination and innovation by network technology, the "First Foreign Biomedical Resources Co-construction and Sharing Seminar" was held in Dameisha, Shenzhen, which kicked off the vigorous development of Kangjian Medtech.      

In 2005, the first foreign biomedical resources co-construction seminar

In 2006, the "Symposium on Medical Independent Innovation and World Medical Science and Technology Documentation Service" was co-sponsored by the Medical Information Branch of Chinese Medical Association and Kangjian Medtech at Shenzhen Jingdi Hotel, which pointed out the direction for the development of medical independent innovation and document information service.

2006 Symposium on Medical Independent Innovation and World Medical Science and Technology Documentation Service

In 2007, in order to better implement the core strategic shift and further expand the scope of market services, the Company successfully moved to Beijing and the Beijing Kangjian shixun Technology Co., Ltd. was formally established, thus the journey of "Kangjian" started. In September of the same year, Mr. Li attended the 15th Academic Symposium of China Hospital Library Society held by Far Eastern Hotel in Xining. During this period, he hosted "Kangjian Company Summer Fun Night Club" to further strengthen Communication between the participants.

2In 2007, the 15th Academic Symposium of China Hospital Library Society

In 2008, Mr. Li attended the "the Fifth Meeting of the Hospital Library Committee of the Library Society of China" held in Hangzhou and made special reports on resource integration, transformative research and development direction, arousing enthusiastic attention of participants.

In 2008, the Fifth Meeting of the Hospital Library Committee of the Library Society of China

In 2009, the Symposium on Modern Medical Knowledge Information Services and the inaugural meeting of the first Editorial Board of the Western-style Biomedical Journals Database were held successfully at the Sun Island Hotel in Beijing. During the conference, Luo Ling, the Deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese Medical Association, read the speech for the conference.

Group photo of Mr. Li and Zhong Nanshan president of the Chinese Medical Association

More than two hundred clinical experts in various disciplines joined the conference, which on the one hand speeds up the understanding of medical workers in our country, grasping the process of foreign biomedical retrieval platform, on the other hand also indicates that foreign biomedical retrieval platform will be the leader in the industry.

2009 the Symposium on Modern Medical Knowledge Information Services

In 2010, "Second editorial board second editorial board meeting of the Medical Committee of Western Medical Biomedical Journal Literature Database" (electronic version) and Forum of health information service and development" was held in Longjiang Hotspring Hotel, Changping District, Beijing. With the cutting-edge, comprehensive, incisive content and its close conformity with the trend of current informatization construction and service, the conference has won the unanimous approval and praise of the delegates.

2010 Kangjian health information service and development Forum

In 2011, the 3rd Health Information Technology Services and Development Forum was held in King Hotel Yunnan. With the theme of "How to Develop Evidence-Based Medicine in Clinical Practice", the conference not only opened the horizons of participants, but also provided valuable information resources and mainstream orientation for their future work.


In 2011, the 3rd Health Information Technology Services and Development Forum

In September 2012, "Fourth Health Information Services and Development Forum" was held in the Changbai Mountain Snow Mountain Flying Lake Resort in Jilin. with theme of "evidence-based medicine", accrediting with the three hospitals audit, the conference Invited the experts of Ministry of Health, hospital leaders and clinicians at all levels, which created a big push of "evidence-based medical services," and achieved the grand goal of "healthy and healthy power of China,".


In 2012, Fourth Health Information Services and Development Forum--- Changbai Mountain

In November 2012, with the same theme of "evidence-based medicine", “the 4th Forum on Healthcare Informationization Services and Development” was held again in Huangshan International Hotel. Professor Dong Bi-rong, a clinical evidence-based practice expert, gave a lecture in particular, which triggered a sensational effect: Evidence-based medicine not only shortens the time and distance between evidence and clinical practice, but also draws closer the distance between doctors and patients, and clinical evidences practice will become the future trend of the diagnosis and treatment.

In 2012, Fourth Health Information Services and Development Forum--- Huangshan


On April 21, 2013, the establishment of Chinese Research Hospital Association,CRHA and the successful Summit Forum of 2013 China Research Hospital, assisted the Chinese hospitals' construction more comprehensively and smoothly at all levels. With the mission of Fully explore evidence-based medicine, first-class service providing doctors and patients ", based with the development of modern medical information services, we first created a medical science research and teaching knowledge service platform highlighting with the literature retrieval, resource integration reveal and evaluation, the full text of multi-channel access and other services, which created a new era of METSTR as a leader in medical information service!


In 2013, Chinese Research Hospital Association Summit Forum

In 2013, the establishment of Chinese Research Hospital Association,CRHA


In April 2014, METSTR "2014 Research Hospital Construction Knowledge Service Forum" was grandly held at Shenzhen Grand View International Hotel. With the theme of this forum "Frontier, Innovation, Cooperation and Development", the conference invited authoritative and well-known academic leaders, hospital deans and experts in the field of hospital construction, translational medicine and evidence-based medicine and professors to make keynote speeches. After the conference participants visited the library of Hong Kong University, and everyone said they got a great rewarding from it.


METSTR "2014 Research Hospital Construction Knowledge Service Forum"


In June of the same year, Mr. Li attended the "2014 China Research Hospital Summit Forum", which was held by the Yellow River Guest House in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. The conference proposed new ideas, new methods and new measures for deepening the reform of medical and health undertakings and new experiences in the construction of different types of research hospitals , Summarizes the new achievements, probes deeply into the deep-seated contradictions and problems confronting the development of research hospitals, and seeks the best strategies to upgrade, optimize and transform research hospitals.

2014 Chinese Research Hospital Association Summit Forum


In June 2015, Mr. Li attended the 2015 China Research Hospital Summit held in Nanchang Binjiang Hotel. The theme of this conference focused on "new normalcy, new ideas and new models - exploring the road to rapid development of research hospitals", which discussed the epistemology and methodologies of research hospitals, precision medicine, mobile healthcare and transformation medicine and so on. During the meeting, Vice Minister Qin of the PLA General Logistics Department and President Wang of the China Research Hospital met with Mr. Li with great kindness.


2015 Chinese Research Hospital Association Summit Forum

Group photo of Mr. Li and Qin Yinhe, the Vice Minister Qin of the PLA General Logistics Department

Group photo of Mr. Li and Wang Faqiang, the President of the China Research Hospital


From August 19 to August 21, 2016, "2016 China Research Hospital Summit Forum and the Internet + Health China Expo" was held in Urumqi • Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center. Which was co-sponsored by China Research Hospital, China Society of Communications and Health Media, co-organized by the First Affiliated Hospital of Xinjiang Medical University, People's Hospital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Xinjiang Military Region General Hospital of the Chinese People's Liberation Army

2016 Chinese Research Hospital Association Summit Forum

Group photo of Regional leaders cordially meet Society leader (above)


During the conference, Qin Yinhe, Honorary President of China Research Hospital, and Wang Faqiang, president of China Research Hospital Association, met with Li Yu, the executive director of Research Hospital Society and general manager of Shenzhen METSTR Technology Co., Ltd. After listening to Mr. Li's report on the progress of the research hospital's knowledge service platform, the leaders gave great encouragement and encouragement to the platform.

Subsequently, several leaders meticulously visited the METSTR exhibition booth and fully recognized and affirmed the METSTR "Research-based Hospital Knowledge Service Platform" after the first-hand experience. In particular, they give praise that METSTR People created a most suitable for the use of Chinese people with international standards of evidence-based clinics and clinical research services tool, especially for millions of clinicians and the vast majority of patients! Mr. Li has repeatedly stated his position: The recognition and support from the leadership of the Institute is the greatest encouragement for the company and is the driving force for the continuous improvement. We are confident and capable of doing better!

Group photo of Mr. Li and the Society leader (above)

Group photo of Society leader encourage the METSTR


On October 27, 2016, sponsored by China Research Hospital Association, co-organized by First Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University and 2016 China Research Hospital and sponsored by Shenzhen METSTR Co., Ltd., the “Internet + clinical research of translational medicine service summit forum” was held successfully in the Guanfang hotel in Lijiang City, which was highly recognized and well received by all the attending leaders, experts, scholars and clinicians.

2016 Chinese Research Hospital Association Summit Forum


Based on the 16-year information and knowledge services, METSTR created the Clinical Practice Knowledge and Scientific Research Information Service Platform (CPSR), which specialize in clinics seeking evidence, clinical focus; diversified search, convenient and labor-saving; cluster association, assisting scientific research, data analysis, filter sand Nuggets; resource guide, puzzle to puzzle; Chinese and English comparison, mother tongue search and certification. The platform is increasingly becoming a tool for clinician's exclusive medical examination search.

FMRS made new upgrade with increase of visual statistics, interval filtering, cluster association analysis, interval filtering and other functions, which assisted doctors to achieve the search new document retrieval with precision, comprehensive, accurate. It is the most suitable tool for our clinicians information retrieval!

"the road ahead will be long and our climb will be steep," we will not stop the pace of the previous move!

Section 2 Have the first

METSTR research hospital & medical science research teaching knowledge service platform series database accumulated a large number of domestic first within 16 years, hundreds of hospitals, more than 40 million doctors user base, which has become an important way for medical workers to access the latest international information in clinical, Research and teaching.

☆ METSTR is the first online information platform for developing foreign medical information resources, which integrats all PUBMED journals and more than 1,000 kinds of non-pubmed OA journals, with more than 30,000 species journals. It is the first to fill the domestic independent research and development of such databases blank;

☆ METSTR is the first to create evidence-based databases such as clinical decision-making, clinical and nursing practice, which effectively solved the problems of clinicians search and apply medical evidence, bedside evidence-based., evidence-based nursing, and first established the evidence-based practice for medical personnel in our country.

☆ METSTR is the first to create mobile portable medical service terminal - Sichuang evidence-based APP, assisting doctors retrieve freely and convient, which won the trust of the doctor;

☆ METSTR is the first to develop a manual submissions, which will assist medical workers to publish high-quality literature in SCI journals and thus become an ideal supplementary tool for Chinese doctors to submit literature in international SCI journals.

☆ METSTR is the first to develop a clinician's exclusive clinic search and discovery tool CPSR, which will help doctors diagnose the disease, find the cause, develop scientific treatment programs, access to the most effective care of the disease, the scientific prognosis, take preventive measures; help doctors use Non-related literature discovery method in the basis of cluster association and visual analysis, and make it easier to get more help in scientific research topics with the scientific and application value. It will help doctors truly realize scientifically evidence-based diagnosis and practice!

☆ In addition, METSTR achieved more in the product features:

☆ It is the first professional foreign medical knowledge service database to achieve Chinese language interface, bilingual input, machine translation, scribble translation and other functions of the Chinese-English version ;

☆ The first to achieve the filter to document type, evidence level, impact factors, languages and clustering association and statistical analysis;

☆ The first multi-channel disclosure of the full text literature;

☆ ☆ the first to achieve various product service models :Internet service, LAN version, personal account version;

☆ It is the first Chinese characteristic navigation trees with keyword classification navigation, disease classification navigation and ICD-10 disease classification navigation organized by authoritative experts, which provided great convenience for Chinese clinicians to retrieve foreign literature.

☆ It is the first platform integrating the diagnosis and treatment discovery, the scientific research discovery. Its cluster correlation and visualization analysis visually displays evidence-based evidence for the users and find more scientific research topics of great scientific and application value. It provides professional help to multi-treatment and scientific evidence.

☆ It is the first information tool possess four modern medical knowledge: framework structure, system integration, data analysis, visualization.