Shenzhen METSTR Technology Co., Ltd. focused on medical knowledge services for over decades. With an idea of integration, exploration and dissemination of clinical EBM data, focusing on diagnosis & treatment of diseases and aids for scientific research as its mission , the China research hospital knowledge service platform with series products including CPSR, FMRS, FEBM was developed facing clinical and medical research service for Chinese medical workers. The advanced medical information service platform is established for promoting the rapid transformation of medical achievements and the scientific knowledge in international publicity can conveniently to be used by doctors, so that it could help to quickly shorten the time of medical discovery to clinical transformation, to facilitate the use of the latest and the best evidence of the study, the appropriate safe and effective method for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases can be adopted .METSTR helps to create "the power of the prehistoric" for the construction and development of our research-based hospitals in China . 

Our aim is to help more clinicians and research workers in attaching importance to transformation medicine research and evidence-based clinical practice , understanding and using this advanced information platform with Chinese characteristics of academic, innovative, advanced and international for quickly extracting the latest research results for clinical diagnosis and research and to further enhance the level of scientific research and clinical diagnosis and treatment technology . More appropriate, more professional, more effective medical technology is truly to benefit the majority of patients. Rapid transformation of scientific research, easy to find evidence , truthfully medical practice are to put into practice.

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